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Re-establishing your connection with Divine Source

In a state of gratitude and absolute trust in the limitless healing capacity that Source offers us, I access and establish a direct flow of energies from Divine Spirit to you for your benefit.
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Mystical HEALING

The art of mystical healing is the highest form of spiritual healing. It works primarily with the First Light born of Akasha; the energy of the Divine Spirit - the Eternal Divine Sun. It takes a refined, mature soul with a true spiritual attitude and a deep connection with the Divine to transmit the highest healing energy in cooperation with the spiritual realms.
Healing with the help of the Divine Spirit is always a cause of Divine Love and Compassion. Energy corresponds to the number 1, Unity and the Primordial Source. It deals initially with the highest level of the human microcosm, the core of its being, where these energies descend from the highest planes to effect the spirit, soul and body.

With the help of intelligent divine energies and with the cooperation of the spiritual realms and higher beings, the mystical healer can transmit these energies to offer support, cleansing, liberation, healing, true forgiveness, enlightenment, protection, success, well-being, blessings, etc. Of course, other energies can also be called upon and used in this state of oneness.

In a state of gratitude and absolute trust in the limitless healing capacity that Source offers us, I access and establish a direct flow of energies from Divine Spirit to you for your benefit.

Each session involves my energy as a channeling therapist and the higher spiritual spheres. Your participation, your attitude, your intention and your awareness of the goal set in any session will contribute to the best results.

The need for healing is a call to action. It's always about your attention and commitment to positive change.


Pranic Healing is an energy therapy technique that focuses on cleansing and energizing the body through breathing, meditation and visualization. This technique was developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, who studied various healing techniques and spiritual philosophies from around the world for many years.

Pranic Healing focuses on cleansing the chakras and body of negative energies that can cause energy blockages. The practitioner uses their own energy field to remove negative energy from the patient's body. This is done through breathing and meditation, whereby the practitioner charges their own energy field with life energy and passes it on to the patient.

Pranic Healing can help treat many health problems, including headaches, skin conditions, digestive problems, respiratory problems and more. This technique can also be useful for treating emotional problems such as anxiety, stress or depression. Pranic Healing can also be used for preventative purposes to improve overall health and prevent illness.


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It is important to understand what I have written here.

The human being is a self-regulating system, which means the inner intelligence, the subconscious, controls and regulates all the functions of body, mind and soul. Healing is always self-healing. A doctor, naturopath, shaman or spiritual healer can only support the self-healing processes of a person. using various treatments and remedies. The provision of energy by a spiritual healer plays an important role, as the human being is indeed a self-regulating energy system. Self-healing processes begin as soon as the energies energies are provided. It is like powering an engine: it can run only when it receives fuel.
A problem, emotional disorder, or illness is actually an imbalance. Something is not working properly. The natural order is disturbed. Healing means restoring the natural order of mind, soul and body. Imbalance must be redressed. Balance means harmony and harmony means health and well-being.
Disorders are caused by non-beneficial energies and blockages in the human energy system. These can be negative thoughts, negative emotions and disease-specific energies. Because natural harmony can be restored, it is necessary for these unbeneficial energies to be dissolved. So cleansing the mind, soul and body is an important aspect of healing.
Negative energies are often like old dirt, requiring several attempts for complete removal. Once dissolved, they often appear in the mind and soul for say "goodbye" forever. This means that old hurts and emotions negative emotions can be temporarily experienced as a natural sign of the healing process. Beyond these unpleasant but very helpful signs, positive effects can occur such as increased vitality, inner peace, harmony, love and a better connection with the divine.
You may feel the need to sleep more. You may also feel need to drink more water and eat more - fresh, healthy food. These are all signs that your body is working on healing - creating new cells and detoxifying. You may want to listen to these needs and support the processes of self-healing processes.
Feeding healing energies activates the human energy system, especially the chakra chakra, the heart chakra, the leg chakras and often the entire energetic body. When not used to this form of activation due to spiritual practice, this can be a very may seem unusual. But it is a good sign, a sign that your body has begun the process of of self-healing. On the other hand, you may not feel much as the energies are very subtle. A special and rare case is to experience movement in your body and possibly some sounds are emitted. It sounds strange, but it is a sign of healing. Up so far, this has only happened when those I have worked with have received a initiation or treatments from shamans before. It can also happen this if you were a shaman in a previous incarnation. But often only in the first session. Again - this is a very rare case and just a "strange" sign of the process of healing process.
In a mystical meditation, I unite in love with God, the Divine Spirit, and transmit its energies on three levels (mind, soul and body). I ask for healing in general, but also healing of specific problems. This session is very powerful but also calls for very great effort. As this meditation is based on the highest love and compassion for those who suffer, the energies provided are of the highest quality, pure spirit, very powerful. Spirit energies have an intelligence of their own, and the Divine Spirit knows exactly what needs to be done in the body. These energies work independently of time and space. Therefore, these energies can be sent anywhere in the world without any limitations.
There are many different traditions and techniques. Each school has its own legitimacy and fulfils its own purpose. For my work I have chosen the highest form, which requires a high degree of spiritual development and is as powerful as possible, since works directly with the Divine Spirit, the highest light, the primordial light. The technique is well-known in the high spiritual traditions of the East and the West. For example, the Knights Templar were initiated into this knowledge by following the secret teachings of the of Jesus.
Healing can also happen quickly, like a miracle. But most often healing takes especially when it comes to the physical body. The body has to revitalize and restructure itself. This can take several hours or days. And it may require several sessions of healing work. It all depends on the individual situation - the duration can indeed be influenced by many factors.

Most people are constantly focused on their problems. This attitude only maintains and fuels the unhealthy situation. In fact, the focus needs to shift to solutions and healing. A second important aspect is to feel grateful and happy for the healing. Gratitude makes you receptive to healing energies. Next, it is often important to forgive yourself/yourself and forgive those who have hurt you. Forgiveness means letting go of a problem and all the negative emotions etc associated with it. Forgiveness means being ready to receive peace and healing.

Every problem and every illness includes a lesson to learn - a message for you. Something in your past didn't go as it should have or took a wrong turn, and this has caused your problems or symptoms. It is up to you to analyse this process, understand the principle of cause and effect and learn how to act in a more beneficial way in the future. Otherwise, the problems will return as long as you haven't learned the lesson behind them. Based on my training in spiritual healing, I can support you in understanding the situation and finding solutions.
A spiritual healing session is not a substitute for other treatments. So please consult your doctor if you have health problems. Spiritual healing is different from ordinary medical care and should be seen as independent and distinct from it. Please understand that symptoms are not the same as causes. Symptoms are generally obvious, but the reasons for imbalances are often hidden. Spiritual healing works on both - it dissolves and heals both symptoms and causes. So it's possible that healing may take place at a different level than you expected, and that all is well. True healing is always holistic. And healing can prioritise differently from one's limited understanding. The body has many "building sites", smaller and larger, and it depends on inner logic which one needs to be worked on first so that the others can be healed. Please understand that no guarantees or promises of healing can be given. I only guarantee that I will work with the highest energies in a professional manner, in the name of Divine Love and Compassion, for your well-being. Healing itself is accomplished through self-healing processes in your body, with the help of your inner intelligence and high spiritual energies. My job is simply to supply and transmit these energies.
It is very important that you read and understand what I have explained above. Healing is not guaranteed. I guarantee instead to do my best to support you in the healing process. Spiritual healing does not replace any form of medical care. Please consult your doctor if you have health problems. You take full responsibility for receiving healing energies and for the self-healing process. If you have any questions, it is advisable to forward them to me in order to find appropriate solutions. Group and individual healing sessions generally last 30-60 minutes but self-healing processes can continue for several hours and days.

In order to properly understand your needs and determine whether or not I can intervene in your case, I invite you to schedule a free session (30 minutes). If there is divine right and willingness to work together, the cost of the following sessions will be determined at the end of our discussion.

Each session involves the efforts and time of the therapist and the higher spiritual spheres. The therapist establishes a direct flow of energies from the Divine Spirit to you for your benefit. Your participation, your attitude, your intention and your awareness of the goal set in any session will contribute to the best results.

In order to direct the flow of energy towards you, it is important to be intentional and aware of the goal you have set. 

The need for healing/balancing is a call to action. It is always about your attention and commitment to positive change.

To optimise the results of the session, your participation should be:

Hi - knowing and understanding the purpose of the session; maintaining self-awareness and openness to the changes and good that will come in your life. Giving feedback at the end of the session.
Better - Acknowledging and understanding your situation or needs, i.e. the purpose of the session; being aware of the changes that occur during the day and the days immediately following the session; actively observing these changes, noting them and giving feedback at the appropriate time.
Best - coordinating your efforts with those of the higher spiritual spheres to focus and integrate support and energy in an optimal way to achieve results and evolve; this involves additional actions and exercises that support the desired changes.

You can connect in advance to the purpose of the session to be held, through a prayer that expresses the need or request for support that lends itself to the purpose and topic of the session. In individual and group sessions this means choosing ONE clearly defined goal that is part of the series of sessions or is an individual goal (it is advisable to go through the whole series of sessions, as this gives the necessary time for changes to manifest and become integrated). As a general rule, try to formulate a request as simply as possible and do not make multiple requests.

Finally, it is very beneficial to make affirmative prayers that express your gratitude and your positive attitude for change. This can be done once or twice a day to increase your positive attitude, your faith/confidence and to express your gratitude. Doing this will increase the benefit and effectiveness of your treatments and cooperation with the higher spirits that support you.
We are never alone and the entire spiritual hierarchy is watching us with a willingness and desire to support and guide us in our development.

Before and after the session, it is important to drink a glass of water. Then, stretch your limbs, shake your body for energy decongestion and sit either on a chair or armchair, with your back straight, feet flat on the floor and palms up on your legs, or you can lie down on the bed and say mentally, with confidence: "Divine Father, I Accept, Deserve and Receive this Divine Healing Session“.

If there are any specific problems, either illness or other negative aspects keep saying "Divine Father, I Accept, Deserve and Receive Complete Healing for (the situation or illness you are facing).”

An important aspect of healing is forgiving others and forgiving oneself. Say with love "Divine Father, I forgive myself and I forgive completely all those who I believe have wronged me, please forgive us too.

It is also important to remain self-aware and open to the changes that take place over the next few days, mentally, emotionally and physically. You will write down important details where appropriate (dreams, synchronicities, etc.)

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