There are several steps of self-realisation. Years ago I began to speak from the experiences I had in my personal quests. I kept praying for guidance, to meet the right people for my development, but I wasn't decided which path I wanted to go down, so I accumulated a little of each and often just to satisfy that inner emptiness, that constant searching. Accumulating information and not being mature enough for it sometimes does more harm than good.

There is a great responsibility in guiding people and there are few who are qualified to do this at a high level, without too many words, without subtle meanings and without personal motives. The light does not need obscure languages, it does not need rituals, and there is no one to "hold the light" and pass it on. Light pours out through connection with our Divine Self, through God Himself, the Divine Source within us, when we are open and ready to receive it. Time is a true master, and so we understand that each of us is "owed" to follow our own path.

Unfortunately, there is also this false light. Names that seem to matter in people's spiritual evolution have been corrupted and there is a huge discrepancy in their teachings. There are also those who wake up and copy one "master" or another, without developing a vision of their own, guiding others into continued ignorance. The problem is lack of love. Today there are many who think they are entitled, want to be "somebody", their success is short-lived and they often end up paying for it. I see cases where certain information has been taken for granted, even by some "translators", without a personal filter, without mature and balanced judgement, the effect being that many have been stuck at the level of individual evolution, waiting for salvation from outside. How can you live in this world with ideas like "god made me hurt you to lower your ego", "I behaved badly because in another life you behaved badly to me", "there is no such thing as good and bad", "ansa tells me there is a divine right to sleep with me, that's not why you came"?", "at initiation I also introduced a demon so that you don't come to the light too quickly", "let's drink our urine to recycle our energy, that's the only way you can reach the level I have reached", "in a similar case, a wonderful remedy is infidelity or divorce." and many more... surely you know more cases than me. There are others who live by the consciousness of greed and come to believe themselves so important that others do not matter but only the "materialization of their will", only personal gain, pride being the very gateway to the darkest and most cunning entities, and they are happy that they have found the secret, that they have hit the jackpot.

Unfortunately there is a lot of chaos and there are many who take advantage of naivety, fear and a sense of powerlessness. The fine line between doing wrong or doing right is given by this evolution of our consciousness, and a man who has truly come to the light lives it and shares it by his own example, understanding that people can be inspired or understand better what is happening to them, but he cannot change anyone as people have the right to make their own choices. Remember, power without love is a deep, waterless place without Self.

Life itself, through the effects of our thought pattern, gives us the opportunity to purify those ideas that are harmful to us and thereby to mature. To believe that there is no negative side to reality is to deny that there are divine laws designed to remind us that we are responsible for our own creations. To not notice that free will equals the level of consciousness you have reached and to believe that one religious or spiritual model, one thought pattern or another works for everyone else, is in itself a cause that will produce its effects.

I like to follow my own path. I have never liked to "bind" myself to anyone or anything because the only Teacher I recognize is God Himself, and God is the Divine Intelligence that exists in and through everyone. Life itself is the Master. Even when it was conveyed to me that it would not be good, I noticed that I chose "like me"... I suffered and so I learned to trust intuition more, to listen, to cultivate humility, to not know it all myself, to not want to control everything, to say "in accordance with the divine will and divine laws, for the good of all and all creation".

As a final thought, before anything else let us pray to see clearly, to discern, to meditate on what we read, to go through our personal filter, to feel if the information in question helps and uplifts us, for "a single idea can grow to define us or destroy us".