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Normally only the dead are resurrected. Resurrection happens either in a religious context as a wonder or in a zombie movie. As a normal human being in the material world you do not see any need for reanimation or resurrection. You feel alive. But when you examine a human being from the spiritual point of view respectively the view of metaphysics with a focus on quantity and quality of the energy, then you see a great need for reanimation and resurrection for most people. In comparison to a master of Bardon´s tenth step and even more to a master of Quabbalah, a normal human is energetically “dead”. The energy level of a normal human is quite low and the quality is quite poor. There is no real or good structure. The energies are not refined and not powerful. In contrary a master consists of finest energies in balanced power and perfectly structured. A master is truly alive, – totally alive on all planes. A master is like a polished diamond sparkling in the diversity of colors. In conclusion this means that the beginner has to reanimate his “dead” or sleeping energy system from 0 to 100%. It is indeed comparable to transform a coma patient into a top athlete. Although you might feel alive you will be astonished when you are really alive. Only then you will know the differences.

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